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ArmorGalv® Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing by Kortick Manufacturing
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Galvanize your steel hardware using ArmorGalv® thermal diffusion galvanizing.  Save money, improve performance and reduce your environmental footprint with this superior galvanizing process.  Read this white paper for more information.

Hot Dip Galvanizing vs Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing

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ArmorGalv ® Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing
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Galvanizing and Paint RUST PROOF PAINT:  looking for an alternative to galvanizing? Learn about Kortick's corrosion resistant paint offerings
Hot Dip Galvanizing, labeled above as HDG compared to ArmorGalv ® Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing.
-ArmorGalv ® Applies a uniform, sacrificial, zinc-iron or zinc aluminum alloy coating using a metallurgical vapor diffusion process.  
-ArmorGalv ® Works with Steel, castings, and forgings, powder metal, and stainless steel.
-ArmorGalv ® Becomes part of the steel composition.  Even after grinding the surface, the product is still protected.  
-ArmorGalv ® Out performs hot dip galvanizing. Pictured above are chains treated with Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing and Hot Dip Galvanizing after 6 months of salt water exposure.  Notice how well ArmorGalv ® has performed.  
-Flaking is eliminated with ArmorGalv ® and threading tolerance issues are greatly reduced.  

ArmorGalv ® is friendlier to the environment.  If you're interested in learning more, we encourage you to contact us 
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